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Creative Christian Events for People in Need




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LIFTiD - The Pool of Siloam.png

LIFTiD - The Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam Review by DJ Efechto, Humble Beastro 

“LIFTiD comes with verbal artillery, strong conviction and lyrical wordplay over vibey production. Definitely worth listening to!” 

-Dj Efechto

The Pool of Siloam Review from NAK,  

Like a lightbulb exploding in heat, the “Pool of Siloam” EP is an untamed blowout of compressed energy. LIFTiD’s vocals are the vociferous amalgam of coarse aggression and adamant passion fused into undertones of nimble agility and delicate syllable precision. Driven by a seemingly hungry, faith-fueled conviction, this project is a brute demonstration of rugged worship in lyrical form.



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To bring people into the community of the Trinity for infinity through serving, mentoring & creativity.



Who We Are & What We Do


DIVIN3KINGDOM is a ministry of AALC (Asian American Leadership Center) a Non-Profit Organization.  

We are a family of Creatives, Pastors, Rappers, Music Producers, Videographers, DJs, Audio Engineers. 

We are Creative Disciples of THE TRIUN3 GOD. 

We are Artistic Missionaries of THE TRIUN3 GOD.  

Our Mission is to bring people into the community of the Trinity for infinity by mentoring, serving & creativity. 

We do Free Christian Hip Hop Events for people in need.  (Homeless Encampments, Homeless Shelters, Children’s Hospitals, At Potential Youth, Rehab Centers, Retirement Homes, Orphanages, etc.) 

At our events we share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Creativity (Music, Art, Poetry, etc.) + we give physical needs such as hygiene kits, food, clothes, water, Bibles to People in Need.  

Join us to share the beautiful Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who need it most.